The Robinson Historic District and the Old Conway Design Overlay District were created for the purpose of enhancing, protecting, and preserving the aesthetics, sustainability, and the historic nature and character of the older residential areas in Conway by requiring new construction to conform to proper design standards.

Forming Document: O-02-124
Regulating Document: Historic District Commission Standards
Members: Seven (7)
Terms: Three (3) Years
Meetings: Fourth Monday of Each Month at 5:30 p.m.
Conway Municipal Building, 1111 Main Street, Conway, AR 72032
Members Term End Position Requirements
Name: Emily Walter, Interim-Chairwoman Term End: Dec. 31, 2024 Requirements: Robinson Historic District Representative
Name: Shane Lind Term End: Dec. 31, 2023 Requirements: Conway Citizen
Name: Marianne Black, Secretary Term End: Dec. 31, 2023 Requirements: Old Conway Design Overlay District Representative
Name: Liz Hamilton Term End: Dec. 31, 2025 Requirements: Downtown Partnership Representative
Name: Jenny Davis Term End: Dec. 31, 2025 Requirements: Robinson Historic District Representative
Name: Shelby Fiegel Term End: Dec. 31, 2023 Requirements: Conway Citizen
Name: Vacant Term End: Dec. 31, 2024